It's Been Awhile

Comedic short film created by Conseravatory students Brian Kraemer and Shayla Garfield. This absurdly funny short film speaks to the creative freedom allowed our artists in the program.

Our Short Films

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The Situation Room

A dramatic short film created in the Film Noir style. Featuring the entire 2016 Advanced Acting ensemble. Written and Directed by Conservatory student Matthew Baldoni.

The Conservatory’s curriculum includes a focus on both theatre and film. The two-year intensive program introduces students to the basics of film acting. In our advanced program, students undergo more intensive film training, creating their own original short films as they learn filming, sound production, and editing techniques. Check out our students and graduates in the film clips below!

Checked Out

You or Whatever I Can Get

Missing, Broken, Dead

Conservatory Short Films

Comedic short film written and directed by Conservatory Student Natalie Boland, member of the 2016 Advanced Acting ensemble.

“You or Whatever I can Get" is a hilarious full length musical created by Conservatory Education Director and Graduate Doug Wilder. Featuring Conservatory graduates Ashley Milligan, Reginald Richard, Devon Ross, Doug Wilder, and Brian Kraemer.

Award winning film from Crash of Rhinos Productions, The Conservatory's in-house production studio. Faculty and alumni wrote, directed, and starred in this film. The Situation Room  won five awards at the 2016 48 Hour Film Project festival, including "Best Film" and "Best Acting Ensemble."


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