Our curriculum includes a focus on both theater and film. The two-year intensive program introduces students to the basics of film acting; students continuing into the advanced program create and appear in several short films. The curriculum also includes an intense emphasis throughout on the business of acting:  headshots, resumes, monologues, cold readings, auditions, callbacks, goal setting, job hunting and career planning.

     We provide our students with the instruction, tools and audiences they need in a learning environment that reflects the real-life world of acting. The atmosphere is intense, yet supportive; rigorous, yet engaging. We’re delighted you’re looking at the Conservatory as the way to pursue your dream of working as an actor in theater, TV and film.

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     The Conservatory’s curriculum is based on the teachings of Constantin Stanislavsky and Michel Saint-Denis. These teachings comprise the foundation of numerous acting conservatories worldwide, including the Drama Division of the Julliard School in New York and the Royal Shakespeare Company Studio in Britain. The Conservatory’s training philosophy also emphasizes individual attention and small class size – typically no more than eight students per class.


2014 Advanced Acting Company performing Smash

Actor Training at the Conservatory

     The Conservatory has been successfully training students for careers in acting since 1975. More than 2,000 students have graduated from our actor-training program since it began. Students leave the Conservatory with a strong foundation in the craft of acting and the business savvy to stand out in a competitive market.