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“While looking for an acting program, I came across an ad in the paper for a free ‘preview’ workshop at the Conservatory and decided to attend the workshop to learn more. In that two-hour class, I was convinced that the Conservatory was where I needed to be. Little did I know then that this would be the best career decision I ever made.  I was privileged to work with an exceptional faculty and fellow students who are now my dearest friends. I was always eager to come to class because it was such a joy. Is it hard work? Yes. But it is worth it! Now that I am out in the professional world, I feel well prepared and confident.”
​                    – Lynn Ritland, Class of 2007

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"When I decided to return to professional theater after a ten-year hiatus, I knew the Conservatory would help me up my game. What I didn't know was that it would not only give me a process and training and encouragement, but a deep network of professional actors, directors, and friends. The faculty aren't theorists, they're professionals you're as likely to see on stage or screen as in the classroom; and the instruction ranges from creating characters and telling stories to the nuts-and-bolts of auditions and marketing. They say great people stand on the shoulders of giants; stand on NCDA's shoulders. They won't mind."
                    – Zach Brewster-Geisz, Class of 2012

Students who are surveyed by our accrediting commission during the re-accreditation process every five years have given us a 100% satisfaction rating for the last 15 years. Be sure to ask about our current placement rate as reported in our annual report when you visit. Our graduates get work - plain and simple. Our strong and active alumni network contributes to graduates' success in the real world. Check out what some of these grads say about their time at The Conservatory - then go ahead and search for them on Google to see what they have done.

"Without the Conservatory, I wouldn't be where I am today - well trained, motivated and successful as a working actor. Each time I audition or am cast, everything I learned at the Conservatory is confirmed. It's a great feeling to know that your time and money were well spent!”
​                    - Elizabeth Burke, Class of 2000

“My experience training at the Conservatory was one I will treasure all my life. Only a month after graduation, I was on a national tour, and I spent my first year after school exploring the country and doing shows in over 30 states.  The Conservatory taught me how to be a professional, how to find work and, most importantly, how to act.  There is no better acting school in the mid-Atlantic region, and I would recommend the Conservatory to any aspiring actor.”
​                   – Doug Wilder, Class of 2005



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"Since  graduating from The Conservatory’s Actor's Repertory Program (Advanced Training Program)in December, I have been on three auditions and have gotten into all three shows. Before my toughest callback, I was able to go back to The Conservatory for additional guidance; even after graduation, teachers and staff continue to help and support students in countless ways to help us further our careers and find jobs in the performing arts. As I prepare for a role, I use every step of the Job of the Actor that I learned at The Conservatory. This training has given me an edge - I can now walk out on stage and feel confident and prepared in a way no other training has been able to deliver.”
                    - Susan S. Porter, Class of 2011

"The Conservatory offers a positive vibe and a warm and welcoming ambiance to its students. The training and guidance I received provided me with the tools to understand all aspects of acting - in depth - and to execute those skills successfully on the stage and in film. The school helped me create a strong resume in what is clearly a highly competitive field. In addition, I have been introduced to many professionals who are active in the world of acting and may assist me in my future aspirations and work. The one thing that speaks for itself is that NCDA is the only accredited school in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Enough said."
                    - Steven Soto, Class of 2012

"I was following the American standard and attending college, pursuing a Bachelors degree in theater, until one day I found myself alone in my dorm amidst my chemistry books, confused, with no theatrical training yet, and completely unhappy. I struggled with the fact that my path wasn't everyone else's path - that I had to find my own way - and following my path led me to the Conservatory. I am now not confused, a graduate of the Conservatory's two-year program, and third-year program, and finally doing what I love. I am a better actor and, even more importantly, a better person. They nurtured me, and the best part is I can come back for nurturing anytime!“
                    - Taylor Ann Robinson, Class of 2012

“I had acted in several productions before, but I wasn’t an actor until I came to the Conservatory. The program gives you everything you need to be confident and successful once you graduate – as long as you work hard, absorb everything you can from the excellent faculty around you, and be open to exploring your own strengths and weaknesses. If you do, you’ll be amazed at the ‘Aha!’ moments and insights that allow you to grow. I use all of the skills that I learned at the Conservatory in each new production I’m in or audition I attend. The Conservatory nurtures and provides all kinds of support for both students and alumni once they’re out in the ‘real world.’ It’s a wonderful family to be a part of and I am very proud that I’m a graduate of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts!”
                    – Liz Dutton, Class of 2010

Graduate Testimonials

"The faculty at the Conservatory are highly talented, dedicated and nurturing professionals from a variety of backgrounds in the entertainment industry, and people I have grown to love, respect and greatly admire. Their insight and their knowledge have enriched my learning and understanding of the craft and the business. The high level of commitment they exercise and the encouraging environment they create for students made my experience richly rewarding. The training and guidance I have received have not only allowed me to develop a firm and extremely solid foundation on which to build my acting career, but have made me even more committed, confident, dedicated and prepared for the life of an actor.”
                    - Frank Britton, Class of 2000