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*The FAFSA application process includes several questions that determine a student’s dependency, the first of which involves the student’s date of birth.  For the current application year, 2016-2017, if the student was born before January 1, 1990, the student is automatically considered independent.  Students are also considered independent (regardless of their date of birth) if they:  have a dependent child of their own, or a child for whom they provide more than half of the financial support; are married; are on active duty in, or a veteran of, the US Armed Forces; have parents who were deceased before they turned 13; were in foster care before they turned 13; were emancipated as a minor or were in legal guardianship; or are currently homeless.  Students who meet none of the above criteria are considered dependent upon a parent until they are either 24 or 25 years old, regardless of whether the parent claims the student as a dependent on tax returns, and regardless of whether the student lives with or receives financial assistance from a parent.

Questions about

Financial Aid?

Call us at 202-333-2202 to speak one-on-one with an financial-aid representative to discuss your financial-aid questions and concerns.  And check out our online Financial Aid FAQ.

Applying for Financial Aid 

Since the Conservatory is an accredited school, our students are eligible to apply for and receive the federal student loans and grants which the US Department of Education awards based on need. The best way to find out what kinds of loans and grants you might be eligible for is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

To complete the FAFSA, you will need to have on hand:

  • Your federal tax return from last year. (If you did
    not work last year or were not required to file
    taxes last year, you can ignore this requirement.)
  • Your parents’ federal tax return from 2016 (if
    you’re considered to be dependent* upon your
  • The official “school code” issued to the
    Conservatory by the US Department of Education:   014941.

The first step in the application process involves setting up a FSA ID (personal identification number) for yourself, which the Department will use to identify you and track your application.

Be aware that, as part of the loan-application and administration process, the Department will require you to participate in online “counseling sessions” to ensure that you understand how federal student loans work; what your rights and responsibilities are as a student borrower; and how the repayment process works.

These online counseling sessions are mandatory and typically take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. During the sessions, you will read short passages of text about student loans, then answer multiple-choice questions to test your understanding.

You can fill out the FAFSA application online here or, if you find the language or questions daunting, arrange a time to complete it online at the Conservatory in the company of an experienced financial-aid representative.

If you’d prefer to submit your FAFSA application online at the Conservatory, call us at 202-333-2202 or click here to arrange a time to visit the school and meet with an financial-aid representative.