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1556 Wisconsin Avenue NW
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United States

Phone:   202 333 2202

​Email:   NCDAdrama@aol.com

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Consumer Information

The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts is an accredited actor training program that prepares students for careers in theater, TV and film.  The Conservatory complies with rules and regulations issued by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, and the US Department of Education.  Because we’re fully accredited, our students can submit aFree Application for Federal Financial Assistance (FAFSA)to see if they’re eligible to receive federal student loans and grants.

The Conservatory also complies with the Student Right To Know and Campus Security Act, which requires US colleges and universities to provide statistics and/or information for consumers and students on the following subjects (among others):

►  Tuition costs and fees
Financial assistance
Retention and graduation rate
►  Refund policy
Campus security information
►  Other important institutional information

Graduation and Employment Rates

Program Name: Diploma in Acting    

Length of Program: 16 Months    

Reporting Period: 5/2014 - 1/2015

Number of Graduates: 17 of 24

Graduation Percentage: 71%

Number of Graduates Employed in Field: 7 

Placement Percentage: 70%

Program Name: Advanced Certificate in Acting

Program Length: 8 Months

Reporting Period: 5/2015 - 12/2015

Number of Graduates: 10 of 10

Graduation Percentage: 100%

​Graduates Employed in the Field: 7

Placement Percentage: 78%

You’ll find  information here on our website. It’s also available upon request in hard-copy form for your review by contacting Nan Ficca, School Director, at202-333-2202

We file all of the detailed information required by the Student Right To Know and Campus Security Act with the National Center of Education Statistics, which in turn posts it on its website for students and families.  

We invite you to visit the Center’s website to review the information we supply on the following categories:

►  General Information
Tuition, Fees and Estimated Student Expenses
►  Financial Aid
Net Price Calculator
►  Enrollment
►  Retention and Graduation Rates
►  Programs/Majors
►  Accreditation
►  Campus Security
Gainful Employment
►  Cohort Default Rates

Please be aware that the Conservatory is a commuter school, so there are no dorms, and we do not offer athletic programs. Our sole focus is on training students for careers in the entertainment industry.

Our campus consists of a single, large building that provides approximately 6,000 square feet of offices and classrooms, as well as a library, computer lab, black-box theater and backstage area. 

Our faculty, staff and student body have a long history of working together with creativity and respect, and we have encountered no security issues with outsiders.   That said, of course, the campus is in a popular neighborhood in a major metropolitan city, so we advise everyone – students, staff, faculty and visitors – to be as alert and cautious as they would in any major US city.  The security-reporting information we provide under the Act pertains only to our campus, not to the Georgetown neighborhood or city in general.​

Consumer Information

Consumer Information