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We’re delighted you’re looking at the Conservatory as the way to pursue your dream of working as an actor in theater, TV and film.  We provide our students with the instruction, studios, tools and audiences they need to develop their skills in a learning environment that reflects the real-life world of acting.   You’ll find the atmosphere here intense, but supportive; rigorous, but engaging; challenging, but worthwhile. 

Becoming a successful actor requires an intensive period of training, just as acquiring any professional skill does.  The Conservatory’s two-year, intensive, actor-training program provides students with 1,800 hours of instruction, practice and rehearsal in 16 months.  Students who continue into our third-year, advanced actor-training program obtain another 900 hours of training.  Learn more here:  Training.

The costs of attending the Conservatory are comparable to the costs of attending unaccredited, less-intensive acting schools and studios in DC.  Students pay $12/hour for instruction here, compared to $15 to $24/hour at other local schools.   Our tuition is substantially less than accredited acting studios in NYC.  Students pay under $9,500/year here, compared to around $35,000/year for an accredited school in NYC.  Learn more here:  Tuition.

Admission to the Conservatory is a three-step process. 

►  The first step is visiting the school and taking a tour.  We believe that’s the best way for you to determine if the Conservatory is the right choice for you.  You can either schedule a private meeting with an admissions  representative or attend one of our Open Houses and see the school in the company of other prospective students.  You’re also welcome to attend any of the free student performances that are open to the general public – they’re a great way to see what you’ll be doing in your second year of training.  To schedule a private visit, attend an Open House or see a free performance, please call us at 202-333-2202. 

►  The second step involves downloading and filling out an official application form here.  Completing it will require obtaining a copy of your high school or college transcripts (if applicable) and paying a one-time, refundable application fee of $30. 

►  The final step involves auditioning for members of our senior faculty after participating in a one-on-one monologue workshop with a faculty member.  The free monologue workshop provides student applicants with an excellent preview of the training they’ll receive in the classroom and allows the  Conservatory to assess individual students’ readiness to benefit from its actor-training curricula.  The workshop and audition can be scheduled either during an initial visit or at a subsequent visit, depending upon your preference and availability.

Call today to start making your dream of working as an actor a reality.

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See our students, faculty and alumni onstage in these performances open to the public!

ADMISSION IS FREE. Seating is limited. Reserve your seats by calling 202-333-2202 or emailing us at


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